About the Book

Crackers is a Lancashire Heeler and a professionally trained Hearing Assist Dog who bounces into Dennis’ quiet world of living with a profound hearing loss. Through Crackers, Dennis soon learns to respond to a knock at the door, a boiling kettle, a smoke alarm and other sounds that control the lives of everyone. Crackers has limitless energy for his job as well as for all things that dogs do within their natural lives. Sounds never cease in the hearing world so Crackers is available day and night to warn Dennis of emergencies or dangers. Crackers… Come Hear reveals the adventure, love and heartwarming mishaps over their fourteen years together. The reader will laugh, cry and experience this enriched transformation for Dennis as he learns to live with his disability through the help and dedication of this marvellous little dog.

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Audio Book on CD - Crackers Come Hear

Audio Book on CD – Crackers Come Hear